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Relationship Diagram problem???

Question asked by synergy46 on May 21, 2009
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Relationship Diagram problem???



There are 2 layouts:


Layout #1 is based on Stock

   It has a portal based on StockTransactions.

      That portal has these fields:

      -- Value List based on and stock::symbl

                TransDate..... etc....

      When I select a stock symbol in the stock symbol shows but if I select a different symbol in the following row everything appears to be working.   Until I click out of the portal then that row is deleted??


Layout #2 is based on Stock2

    It has a portal based onn OptionTransactions

        That portal has these fields:

          (a Value list which shows Stock2 stock symbols as above)

          (A value list which shows a popup of option symbols based on and Options::optsymbol.

       This portal acts in the same weird way as the stocktransactions portal above.  So, I suspect the  problem is in the relationships????


Your help is appreciated.