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Relationship diagram weirdness....

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 12, 2009
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Relationship diagram weirdness....


Here is a peculiarity that does not seem to have a downside.


I have 2 tables:  Members  and Zipcodes


To enable the user to type in an extended zipcode (ZIP +4) and still have the zip lookup City and State, I have created a Members::Left(ZIP,5) field.  This field is the field in Members that links to the ZIPCODE field in Zipcodes.   And, it works well.  I can type in a 5 digit zip code or an extended zipcode and the Members::City and Members::ST will return the corresponding values from Zipcodes.



The peculiarity is that in the Relationships diagram, BOTH the Members and Zipcodes tables show the 'many to many' "crowsfeet" attachment.  



Waz up with this? :smileyhappy: