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    Relationship Direction



      Relationship Direction




           I'm Creating a database with approximately 7 tabbed sections i.e. 

           Customer Info

           Website data

           Email Settings


           Status Report (This is not a report it's an entry table)


           I'm trying to create multiple tabs (tables) that that will roll data over from one tab to the next.  Say for an example I Enter a new customers info name address, tel etc. I would like to click on another tab,  say website dat and enter the customers website data in that table and so on, I would to have all data relate to the specific customer.  I know that I need to create relationships between tables, however the logo is not making sense to me.  

           I'd appreciate any direction



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               tabs and tables are two very different things.

               Define a table for each of your "tabbed sections". Define a serial number field in Customer Info and use it as your primary key to link it to the other 6 tables in relationships on the Relationships tab of Manage | Database. Enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for each of the 6 related tables. (Double click the relationship lines to open a dialog where you can select this option.)

               Base your layout on the Customer Info table. On each of your tabs, put a portal to one of the underlying tables.