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Relationship does not work uniformly

Question asked by PatPhelan on Aug 15, 2012
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Relationship does not work uniformly


I have three tables - linked by Client No.  (see photo).  Then Last Name and First Name are lookups from the first table and Client No. is auto-incrementing.  After setting up the tables, I was entering dummy data to test the setup.  

The lookup works for the first two records in the first table - in other words if I go into the second and third tables and enter the Client No, it pulls up First and Last names.  But if I enter any other Client No, there is no lookup.  I've checked the relationship and lookup.  Why would it work for those two and not the others?

I'm relatively new to Filemaker (v 11.0v4) and this is very confusing.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?  

Many thanks for any help.




PS.  I sort of figured it out but still have a question.  The third table is getting its lookup info from table 2.  So if the Client No. is in table 2, table 3 is fine.  How can I get table 3 to lookup back to table 1?