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Relationship hassles

Question asked by billg999 on Jul 17, 2010
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Relationship hassles


I have about 12 tables in my syste, most relationships work fine. However, one pair: "Production" and "Production summary" are related through a field "Date". What I want to achieve is that in the portal for each record in  "Production" with identical date and Docket no entries , it will show  several records from "Production summary" when date and docket no are  set the same as in "Production".

I have a portal, which filters records by "Docket no" and "Date".The Production layout also has some of the fields of "Production Summary".

What happens at present is that in consecutive records in "Production", if the portal filter parameters are the same, the "Production summary" fields are accessable, but new entries in the last  record equalise the entries in the previous recordand vice versa, if the filter parameters are different, the "Production summary" fields are not available.

Is this a bug, or am I trying to do the impossible?