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Relationship help

Question asked by LanceB on Jun 20, 2011
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Relationship help


I'm a newbie with FileMaker Pro, but I've been able to figure out most of what I needed. Before I go any further, let me briefly explain what I have

4 tables:

My goal in all this is somwhat simple. I have all my clients in the Client table. Next, I keep all my projects in the Projects. Each project that has been invoiced has been marked as such. Still simiple. When it comes to the invoices, it gets tricky for me. I have a relationship set up to allow me to link my contact info for mailing addresses and any discounts as well as a relationship for the projects. I have a popup menu on my invoices to select a project, which in turn brings in the project name.

What I WANT: in the popup menu on the invoice for the project, I would like to only see the uninvoiced projects for the client already selected. If it woudn't be too much, I would love to have a script that would mark the included projects as invoiced, which in turn will remove them from the list.

Help? Is this too much to ask?

I attached a file showing the project menu with description if that helps get an idea of what I'm talking about.