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Relationship help

Question asked by AndrewDunn6760 on Sep 1, 2011
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Relationship help


 Hi, looking for some assistance on working out relationships.  I run a dance school and I want to be able to manage class enrolment and actual weekly class attendance.  I currently have a 'class list' table that lists the classes we have over the week but without including a date field and then on my customers layout I have a checkbox field called enrolment, and I pull the class name values from that table. I have then placed a portal on the class list layout to show me everyone who is enrolled onto that class.  Firstly, I understand to get a report on who is enrolled to my classes, I need to be creating my report via the customers table however how can I filter the report so that I can run the report from the class list layout to show all customers enrolled to the current class (current record).  Secondly, I would like to track weekly attendance as well. I have created a third table for weekly attendance and created a class name field which uses the class list::class name value list again to choose the class and a date field. I would then like to create a portal below and be able to add a contact from a drop-down list similar to how the gift feature works by only letting you select customers registered to the event in the event management starter solution.  Once this is setup, I will also want to create a looping script so that my user can select a class on the attendance drop-down and run the script to add all customers who are enrolled and then mark a field for attended.  I know it is a lot which is why I would appreciate any help to ensure I get the Table relationships and TO's correct as I am not having much luck figuring it out myself! Regards Andrew