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    Relationship Help



      Relationship Help


           Good Day Everyone,

           Please excuse me right away as I am new to Filemaker, I just upgraded from Bento since they will drop it pretty soon...

           I had a Database in Bento here is what it was doing and can you help me or point me toward what I need to do, to do it again with filemaker...

           I have a Radio show and I want to keep track of songs played during my Radio show so I don't play them too often and make people discover some new tracks

           I had 2 database

           1 - Containing a list of Music Tracks

           2 - Database with a list of events

           I was linking both to know which songs I played in which show and the play count was going back to the Music Track DB...


           Can you help me anyone or send me where I should go to learn how to do it

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               Is each "event" a different broadcast of your radio show?

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                 Yes exactly sorry should have mentioned, I called it events cause sometime it could be a live event in front of a crowd... So it can help me get the songs best love by the crowd for those "special events, but still keep track of all the tracks played

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                   Odds are that you may very well need or find useful a more complex set of tables and relationships than I am about to describe, but let's start simple and close to your current set up in Bento:

                   What you describe is a many to many relationship. A given event can link to many different tracks and a given track can be linked to many different events. (Many songs are played during one event and a specific song can be played during many different events.)

                   Start with these relationships:


                   Events::__pkEventID = Event_Track::_fkEventID
                   Tracks::__pkTrackID = Event_Track::_fkTrackID

                   You can place a portal to Event_Track on the Events layout to list and select a Tracks record for each given Events record--thus setting up a list of songs played during that event. Fields from Tracks can be included in the Portal to show additional info about each selected Track and the _fkTrackID field can be set up with a value list for selecting Tracks by their ID field.

                   How this might "grow" in complexity: You might also want a table with one record for each CD linked to tracks so that you can identify the CD for each track without having to enter that data repeatedly in each Track record. You might then set up yet another many to many relationship between CD's and Performers to get a list of every performer (and data about them) that performs on a given CD.

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                     Now Phil, I've learn a bit more... I understand what are portals and the related fields...

                     From there how do I enter the songs in the portal blush


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                       Well, you don't enter songs in the portal, you enter them into Tracks and then select them in the portal.

                       Take a look at this demo file that illustrates matching Events to Contacts in a Many to many relationship. You click a button to add a new contact (like you would add a new Track record) and in most of the sample layouts, you use a drop down list to select an existing contact. Because "allow creation of records via this relationship is enabled, selecting a contact in the bottom blank row of the portal creates a new related record and FileMaker automatically links it to the current layout record (and Event record in the demo).


                       This file is in the older file format so FileMaker 12 users will need to use Open from FileMaker's File menu to open the file and get a copy converted to the newer .fmp12 file format.