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Relationship Help

Question asked by SlyTheTraveller on Sep 17, 2013
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Relationship Help


     Good Day Everyone,

     Please excuse me right away as I am new to Filemaker, I just upgraded from Bento since they will drop it pretty soon...

     I had a Database in Bento here is what it was doing and can you help me or point me toward what I need to do, to do it again with filemaker...

     I have a Radio show and I want to keep track of songs played during my Radio show so I don't play them too often and make people discover some new tracks

     I had 2 database

     1 - Containing a list of Music Tracks

     2 - Database with a list of events

     I was linking both to know which songs I played in which show and the play count was going back to the Music Track DB...


     Can you help me anyone or send me where I should go to learn how to do it