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    Relationship help - maybe stretching...



      Relationship help - maybe stretching...


      I have a layout where users can add new "activity."  Activity has a ContactID and CompanyID.  Contacts are joined with a relationship table allowing any contact to have a relationship with any company.  

      I currently have a portal for recent contact activity regardless of company and another portal on a hidden tab with activity associated with the selected company regardless of contact.

      I would like to show them both in one portal via a relationship instead of a filtered portal but it might not be possible.  Can anyone help me with the the required relationship?  Thanks

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          I am wondering if you could setup you Contacts:: and Companies:: with a join table called Activity:: and make your portal show in the Contact:: table so that any time has Company:: has relation with Contact:: it shows up via the context. If I am accurate with understanding in what you want, I will say then you could use a field in Activity:: to show what the activity was about(a scrip could be helpful with that). So you portal would show the records from Activity::. Then you could filter it to your needs. Let me know if I am understanding this correctly.

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            Sorry for my lack of a thorough explanation.  This relationship is from the activity table.  Activity is required to have a contact ID and encouraged to have a company ID but the company value list is limited to those companies that have relationships with contacts.  

            I have a recent company activity portal and a recent contact activity portal and I would really like to see them in the same list.

            Attached is a sketch of my basic table occurrences.