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Relationship help for tables

Question asked by AnnetteSteinberg on Sep 1, 2011
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Relationship help for tables


I have two tables that I need relationship help.

First Table is called JPMS and is for a new job and all its information.  There is a section on JPMS for Adjusters (and their contact info) which is from a related table.  The related table has the Adjuster contact info plus their type (inside/field/independent).

Sometimes I need to be able to enter more then one adjuster (and this could be a combination of all three types, or three of the same type) from the related table (and all their contact info), but when I use a JPMS foreign key field to relate the two tables and automcally fill in all the related adjuster information, it puts the adjuster info in all three areas of fields I've created for the different adjusters.

I made this work previously by having three separate related tables for the adjuster types (inside/field/independent).   But cleaning up the tables is problematic.  So I need to be able to have the adjusters be on one table, and be able to create adjuster records in the JMPS table and the Adjuster table.

Thanks for your help.