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Relationship Help Needed (SQL Database)

Question asked by bvondeylen on Sep 26, 2013
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Relationship Help Needed (SQL Database)


     In our SIS (Infinite Campus), I am trying to create a report in FileMaker Pro 12.

     Want to get the address of parents

     The following tables are giving me difficulty.

     dbo.identity <--> personID  <--> dbo.householdmember

     dbo.householdmember <--> householdID  <--> dbo.household

     dbo.household <--> householdID  <--> dbo.householdlocation

     dbo.householdlocation <-->  addressID <--> dbo.address


     The relationships are listed above with the field in the middle. Now the problem.

     there is a field in dbo.householdlocation the contains an endDate 

     There are some people that have multiple entries in dbo.householdlocation and the 'old' entries have an endDate

     The active entry has a null value in the endDate field. 

     How can I create a relationship between dbo.household and dbo.householdlocation to only get the correct dbo.address record?

     I cannot match anything to endDate since there is no endDate field in dbo.household

     Is this something that FileMaker cannot do?