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    RelationShip info



      RelationShip info




           It will be great to be able to write an info for each relationship (in the graph) and not only general notes.

           I am working on a complex database (more than 300 relationships) and it will really help.



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               On the Relastionship graph page under the Tools icons, select the Letter A for notes.


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                 Hi Ben

                 You can use RelationInfo ( fileName ; tableName ) function result to write in the notes. It might be helpful.


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                   Thank you for your answers.

                   But unfortunatelly this is not enough for me.

                   As you can see hereunder, I use the notes to separate the groups of relations.

                   When you have a lot of relationships, sometimes it's not easy to remember the purpose of a specific relation.

                   The only solution that I found is to create a database design report and find in Safari where is this relation used.

                   It should be great if FileMaker add an info box in the dialog of each relation.

                   This is my actual development (hospital managment), not done yet.




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                     my attachment (Paste done in the text) were not posted.

                     here it is


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                       The problem is your graphs are too close together.  Nice picture, but is very crowded.  Perhaps spread them out and then the notes would be guides.

                       Also i try to be color and title consistant, which is fastest way to read in scripts.  Like blue for all personnel, dark blue for central or core items and light blues for related files.   Titles like  Employee_Salary and Employee_Vacation  and Employee_Annual Reviews  [pk_fk type pattern].

                       Documentation is always funyes