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    Relationship Invalid



      Relationship Invalid


      When I try to delete a record from a specific table in each of two files, I get an error saying "the operation can't be performed because one or more relationships between these tables are invalid." It doesn't specify which two tables--I'm assuming that the coincidence means it's the relationship between the two tables. I've looked long and hard to find the relationship that's awry, but can't find it. (There aren't many.) Even if I delete the relationship between the tables I still get the error. Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this? Can the error come from tables that are not directly related?

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          That's one of those error messages that can drive you nuts. You don't know which relationship is at fault, nor does it tell you what "this operation" is!


          How are you trying to delete the record? By script or from the records menu?  (I thinking a script might be triggering the message.)

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            One of your relationship probably has a Delete Related Records on the child side. Most likely a key field was deleted, changed to unstored calc, or global on that child side.


            Double check all your relationships and look for ones that have the Delete Related Records option checked. 


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              It happens when deleting from a script, through a portal, or through a parent layout.


              If the error comes only with one table in each of two files, is it reasonable to assume that it's the relationship between the two that's funky? If so, I can't see it. There's only 2 instances where the 2 tables are related, and I can't see a problem with them, no globals, calc fields, nor "delete related record" checked.


              So that probably means that the 2 errors are coincidental, and I need to check every relationship with any other table involving either of the 2 tables. And I'll probably find at least one funky relationship involving each table? 




              Thanks for the advice. I have a little better idea of what to look for. 

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                I'm having a similar problem and while searching for solutions found this post. Hoping someone might be able to help.

                I'm getting the same error message. It is triggered by a gotorelatedrecord script step.

                I believe to have found the problem in a relationship between a global field on table1 and an unstored calculation field on table2. Can unstored calculations not be used to relate tables? If so, what the heck is wrong with my calculation??? I turned of unstored calc, and it works perfectly. But I need that field to be updated every time the report is run.

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                  Unstored calculations and global fields cannot be used on the Many side of a relationship as they cannot specifically match to any one record. A stored calculation should update correctly for you without it needing to be unstored. Just don't use a data field with an auto-entered calculation here unless you have no other alternative as that won't update automatically.