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    Relationship issue



      Relationship issue


      We have a policies file related to a claims file, for which there can be more then one claim for any one policy, so I figured this is one to many realtionship, but in my policy layout which has a claims portal, every policy that has just one claim is having this repeated unpteen times and the datbase manager reports the relationship as many-to-many. 

      1.  Why?

      2. How do I break the direct link to enable just the one instance of a claim to be displayed in the claims portal


      Or am I looking at this incorrectly?



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          If the records in the portal are repeating same information, it points to the wrong fields in the portal or wrong table occurrence for the portal.


          So your relationship should be:


          Policies::PolicyID = Claims::PolicyID


          Be sure the portal is based upon Claims and check the fields within the portal and make sure they all are based upon the Claims table occurrence as well. 



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            That is the relationship I have, from Policy table to Claims table, hence my confusion why there is an error.