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Relationship Issues

Question asked by JerryHall on Oct 8, 2013
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Relationship Issues



     Ok, I would like to pile on here and see if what I'm trying to do is possible.


     I have 3 tables

     Table 1

     Table 2

     Table 3

     Table 1 is related by ID and then by a date to match with table 2

     Table 3 is related to table 2 by ID

     Currently there is a field in table 1 that calculates the number of hours from table 3 through table 2. This works great and it's calculating perfectly.

     However, I have an issue, there are some things being calculated that need to be filtered out. In Table 2 there is a field that is checked off if they shouldn't get credit for the item. If it's not checked, it should be null. I have added a field to Table 1, should null for each record. So the fields from Table 1 and table 2 should match when they are both null. But when I add the relationship criteria so that the relationship between table 1 and 2 now have ID, Date, Credit the Field in Table 1 that calculates no longer has any values. 

     I have checked the fields the records so that some are equal, some aren't but it doesn't seem to be calculating any of them. Any ideas for things I need to check?