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Relationship issues (new FM user)

Question asked by nwhawksfan on Apr 11, 2014
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Relationship issues (new FM user)


Im in the process of just learning Filemaker, so please bear with me. Everytime I think I have a grasp on the process, I get humbled. So here is the latest:

I am trying to create a report about baseball. My goal is to have a report by position and display all the stats for players that play that position. I have downloaded a .csm file that has every player since 1871 and their associated stats. So here is my thought process.

First I created a table for Position:


Next I created a table of players in that postition. I imported these players from a .csm file through the import records: Since I did not care about LF, CF, or RF (instead of), I created a field that if pos was lf, cf, or Rf it would automatically read of.


Player_nameid, is a derived from a calculation to use the first two initials of a players name combined with his last name to uniquely identify said player

The table positions is the parent and player_pos is the child and a succesful relationship was established.

Now the problem!!!

I created another table to import a players raw stats

player name
player nameidfk

I was hoping that player_pos could act as a parent (as one player has one position) and the stats table the child (one player has many stats). When I try to establish the relationship I get a many to many relationship, and my macbook almost takes flight in my frustration  

I know that I had a stat column with only the player_nameidfk and entered the data manually using a portal I could do this using an intermediate table. The idea of manually entering literally thousands of lines of data makes me sad. 

What am I missing? I may be just having a fundamental filemaker concept error, so some expert help is appreciated. Thank You