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Relationship Issues Using 3 separate files? NEED HELP!!!

Question asked by TalienaCucura on Oct 20, 2010
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Relationship Issues Using 3 separate files? NEED HELP!!!


We have four databases in FM6. 

Sales Reps



Customer Claims

Each dealer is assigned a Sales Rep. 

When a dealer sells a contract to a customer the contract is entered into the "Customer" Database We need to link the Selling Dealer to that customer contract in order to keep track of that "dealers" sales and claims pertaining that individual  customer(s).

As of now, when a contract comes in, I have the dealer phone number as a value list from the dealer database and when selected, it populates the "Selling Dealership" field in the customer database. 

When a customer has a claim, as of now, all data is manually entered into the claims database and when typos occur the data analysis is always wrong. The claim in the "Customer Claims" DB needs to be linked to both the customer that  has the contract and linked back to the selling dealer of that customers contract as well.

Ideally, when a claim comes in, we'd like to search the customers vin, pull that record up, click a button on the customer layout in the customer db and  take us to a new record request in the claims database and have it automatically populate the customer information fields from the customer database as well as the selling dealership information from the dealer database into a Customer Claim Record.     

Any thoughts / suggestions on this matter is going to be GREATLY appreciated! 

If someone can help out with this, I will post exactly what fields are in the claims database that needs to be populated and their corresponding databases. 

Thank You