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Relationship join table

Question asked by on Sep 22, 2014
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Relationship join table



Can someone help me with this relationship?

I have a table called assembly where we are creating a quote for doors and frames.

The doors can have glass.  On the assembly I want to pick the glass and have it automatically populate the glazing seal and/or liner seals that are related to that glass. The glass available in the value list should be relatable to the fire rating of the assembly.

  1. I have created a join table for the glass/seal/liners
  3. I have created a second instance of these for selecting the material on the assembly
  5. And a third instance for the price.

I am only getting prices back for the first record in each table but only when I change the fire rating of the assembly.  So if I have more than 1 glass with different prices and different seals and liners it will only give the first in the list.