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Relationship Management

Question asked by BrianChase on Aug 19, 2014
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Relationship Management


     So I'll start by saying, I have a general lack of understanding of how relationships work.  I get the principal, I don't get how to use it for my purposes.

     Each one of my contacts (a table and layout of its own) owns one or more assets (a separate table.)  The asset table is made up of several fields, probably 5 of which are critical and I would like to show on the contacts layout, basically showing ownership of the asset.  I'm thinking maybe a portal is the way to do this.  The only purely unique way to identify the asset is by the manufacturers serial number... all other fields could also be the same as other assets.  I'd also like to be able to show ownership of the asset on the assets page... but that would just be a bonus.  

     Which field in the contacts table do I use to match with the asset that it owns? I'm sure this is a pretty basic question that would be best solved by reading a help topic BUT, I have done that and I'm still at a loss.  Thanks for the help and patience!