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Relationship not evaluating

Question asked by beckett85_1 on Aug 19, 2012
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Relationship not evaluating


Currently have a system where filtered client notes are not evaluating from an extra table (Worked in FMP 11 but not in FMP 12)

Say for example we have 3 tables


where facilities and notes are linked to clients, to filter records in the portal quickly i setup a global calculation and a global under clients for the departments (ie. Marketing & Operations) instead of doing portal filtering which was too slow on sorting

The global calculation along with the client ID links to the Notes table

If the global field is empty, the global calculation will list ALL departments (for example if you select marketing it will equal Marketing, if you select nothing it will equal Marketing & Operations (as 2 values)

If you are on a layout based on the clients table it filters fast, and it's all fine, If you are on the Facilities table and try and you dont select ANYTHING in the global field, the calculation still evaluates, but the relationship doesn't, thus if you DONT select any values you will not be able to see any notes, but if you select all values manually, you can see all notes, even though BOTH methods result in the calculation field evaluating the full list

Apologies if this doesn't make sense!