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Relationship not working on layout

Question asked by TiffanyMeek on Jul 28, 2015
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Relationship not working on layout


Hi there

I'm fairly new to FileMaker, and I've started working on a project management solution for our company. One of my layouts is not working as I would expect, in terms of the data populating the layout, which seems to have something to do with how I have set up my relationships. I can't for the life of me work out what I have done wrong. I would so appreciate some assistance.  Thank you in advance.

Within my solution the user can create a series of Goals. Those Goals can then be divided into Strategies. Each Strategy can then have Actions. Those Actions can have Targets. And lastly, those Targets have Measures. So for example, I might have a screen which shows Goal 2, Strategy 4, Action 3 and a list of its Targets. All works fine to this point. If however, I then try to add a Measure to the Target the screen throws up data from a different Goal.

Tiff Meek