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Relationship not working. =(

Question asked by CodyRomphf on May 29, 2012
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Relationship not working. =(




Problem: The relationships I have created are not working. 

What I have done: Created 2 tables, the 1st "References" the 2nd "Extractions". I have two fields in the "References" table. 

1st - Reference List - Information is imported from file containing text.

2nd - Reference_ID - Auto inputted serial number from Reference.

I have also created 2 layouts.

1st - Called Reference that displays info from "References" table, shows all the references in list form.

2nd - Called Extractions that displays info from "Extraction" table.

I have created two relationship as such,

1st - References::Reference List .... = .... Extractions::Reference

2nd - References::_kp_reference_ID ..... = ..... Extractions::_kf_reference_ID

What I am trying to do: My hope is that I can display the reference and reference_ID on the Extractions layout through the relationships I have made. This way in my extractions table I can create a series of extractions that are directly linked to each Reference.

It does work if I associate the extraction layout with the reference table. But then why I create a new record it creates a new reference and not a new extraction. I hope this makes sense

When I navigate to my other layout the fields that should contain the reference and reference_ID are blank. I cannot figure out why.

Thanks in advance, if further clarification is required let me know.