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    Relationship not working...   why?



      Relationship not working...   why?



        -  it's quite frustrating, as a longtime FM-user, when you stumble upon a problem that shouldn't be one...  ^^

      But, as usual, I just post a quick question here, instead of ripping all of my hair out...

        Hope it's easy;


      Table 1



         Field 1

         Field 2 Picture

      Has 50 records  (ID 1-50)



      Table 2


         Field 10 (Text, Value list )

         Field 11 Picture (container; calculation)

         Field 12  (Text, Value list)

         Field 13 Pircture (container; calculation)



      In Table 2, I want to be able to see the picture from Table 1 - by selecting the Fields 10, or 11.

        So; Field 10 selects the value for 11, and 12 for 13.


      I have created a relationship by using the “LINK” fields.

        But nothing happens when I try the formula;


      Case (

      Field 10 = “number 10” ; GetNthRecord (Table 1::Field 2 Picture ; 10);

      Field 10 = “Number 4” ; GetNthRecord (Table 1::Field 2 Picture ; 4) )



      What am I doing wrong???


      I think that I don’t understand the “relationship idea properly…

      Since Table 2 doesn’t have 50 records, but just 1 record, I don’t want to use the ID = ID relationship.

        I just want to “grab” information from another Table, by telling FMP10;

        “this is the value; so grab that picture…”

      But it doesn’t

        Ah, and I want to do this two times on one layout…   but; that shouldn’t make any difference, I think.




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          Yes, it would appear that you don't have the relationship set up properly. But you don't tell us how you set it up either.

          It would seem that you need these relationships:

          Table 1----<Table 2>-----Table 1 2

          Table 1::ID = Table 2::Field 10
          Table 1 2::ID = Table 2::Field 12

          That will work if you are just dealing with two Images in each table 2 record. But in other relationships may make more sense both here and especially if there are more than two images that you want to link to a given record in Table 2.

          You might use this relationship:

          Table 2::__pkTable 2ID = Table 1::_fkTable2ID

          To link one Table 2 record to many Table 1 images.

          Then you could place a series of one row portals on your Table 2 layout and give each a portal filter that each uses the value of a different field such as your fields 10 and 12 to filter for a specific image out of the related set.

          And in other cases, if the same image may need to be linked to more than one record in table 2 you may need a join table between table 1 and 2 in your relationship.