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Relationship or New Table

Question asked by BetoBoton on Sep 10, 2009
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Relationship or New Table




Sorry if the explanation is long...

I'm using an "adaptation" of FMP 9 Adv Business Productivity Pack Services Edition.


I need to create the following Fields in my Contacts Table:

Contacts::Last Invoice Service ID

Contacts::Last Invoice Service Description

(I need this contents to be used in a mail merge below)


Table Contacts already have the following fields working as unstored Calculation and giving me the correct results based on a Relationship (Contacts::Contact ID and Service Orders::Bill to Contact ID.

Contacts::Last Invoice ID = Max ( Service Orders::Invoice ID )

Contacts::Last Order Date = Max ( Service Orders::Sale Date )


Table Service Orders use a Related Table "Line Items" to fill in the orders items within the Service Orders .


I need to get the contents of 

Line Items::Serial Number into Contacts::Last Invoice Service ID


Line Items::Description into Contacts::Last Invoice Service Description

for this particular Service Orders::Invoice ID


The fact is (until today) I use  1 service per order 

and based on the ( Line Items::Serial Number) I'll Choose a specific template to send an email, in which I have to mention on the following email


mail merge:

"Since you have <<Contacts::Last Invoice Service Description>> service done on <<Contacts::Last Order Date>> and it will expire on <<Contacts::Expire Order Date>> I would like to suggest doing another <<Contacts::Last Invoice Service Description>> on <<Contacts::Next Order Suggested Date>>."



PROBLEM: I'm trying very hard to access both Line Items::Serial Number and 

Line Items::Description for the order I know its ID via [Contacts::Last Invoice ID = Max ( Service Orders::Invoice ID ) ]with no success.


What is it ?

Do I need a Relationship between Line Items and Contacts that doesn't exist?

Do I need a table in between these 2 (Line Items and Contacts) to hold global values and the fill in fields in my Contacts table?



I am absolutely lost on this one.

ANY suggestion would be appreciated


Thanks a million