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Relationship or Portal?

Question asked by QueryJoel on Aug 7, 2009
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Relationship or Portal?


How do I create a relationship between job database and payment of the following conditions:


1)  Job database is the main database

2)  Payment - a subset of Job database;  1 job may have more than 1 payment records.

3)  Job and Payment are separate layouts. 

3)  Payment must reflect certain fields that are similar on Job database. (Please see example)


Should 'Payment' be a separate table from Job database or a portal or is there a better way to create this? 

What is the best way to create a working relationship between the two such that the user is able to seamlessly navigate between the two?   




Job - Client; Job Description; Job No.; Estimate No. etc.

Payment -  Payee; Client; Job Description; Job No.; Estimate No. etc.


The fields highlighted in orange are common fields between the two. 


Thank you.