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Relationship problem

Question asked by user14360 on Oct 31, 2009
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Relationship problem




I'm on Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on a Mac.


I've got a Students table with a primary key ID and an Ensemble table with a primary key ID.  I have a join table called Ensemble Participant Data which there is a portal into via the Ensemble table layout.  


The Student primary key ID = the Student ID in the Ensemble participant data, and the Ensemble primary key ID = the Ensemble key in the Ensemble participant data. 


When you're on the Ensemble layout, you select the student ID in the Ensemble Participant Data portal (by selecting it from a value list based on the student ID from the Students table and the Full Name field from the Students Table, which is an Auto-Enter calculation field combining the Student first and last name, set to replace existing value, and it is indexed), and that should then come up with the name in the next field in that portal, which is the "Full name" field from the students table.


However, at the moment, it doesn't automatically put the name in.  If I go to that student's record via the Student table, I can see there that the student HAS been put into that ensemble (via a portal to the Ensemble Participant Data there in the Student table), and when I go back to the Ensemble table, I now CAN see the student full name in that field.


But each time I add a new student, the name doesn't appear until I've gone and visited that record in the Student table.


Any ideas?