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Relationship problem

Question asked by BobSchwenkler on Jun 16, 2010
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Relationship problem


I have a match between two tables, let's say A and B. The layout is based upon A. B is viewed from a portal. Match field for A is a global calculation storing the number 1. Match field for B is an unstored calculation, calculating to 0 or 1. Both calculation fields are calculating to number. This match isn't working for me, no information displayed in the portal.


Changing Bs match field to a number field, the relationship works fine.


Bs field is calculating based on a condition set in table A. I could run a more involved script to set the fields in table B when this condition changes, but if I can just do it with a relationship that would be nice.


Seems like this is one of the relational idiosyncracies of this application, and I'm still learning them.