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    Relationship Problem



      Relationship Problem


      Can someone help me out with relationship problem.  I believe i have most but i can not get the company table information to populate the field report.

      Image 1 shows the relationship tables, one table [company2] I have been trying to link to the fieldreport but it is not working right.

      Image 2 shows the form with the missing information under Servicing Company, Phone Number and Service Tech


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          These different boxes in the first image are referred to as "table occurrences".

          On what table occurrence is the layout shown in your second image based? (That's the name found in Show Records From in Layout Setup...)

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            Show Records From = Field_Report

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              I only see room in your layout for one equipment record. Wouldn't it be possible to have many equipment records for one record in Field_Report?

              From what I see so far, it looks like Company 2 is not needed. You can actually add fields from Company to list the company data for each equipment record.

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                I tried adding fields from Company but no data shows up it stays blank. Below is the original relationship that worked fine,[removing fieldreportIDfk solved the problem with company] but the problem I was having was losing data when syncing with FMTouch.  I was told that it was a relationship problem, thats why I started playing around with the relationship..  

                What would happen after syncing is I would lose data meaning the serial number  would not display correctly.

                Example: one record would list the Investigator but the Serial Number would list a different number then the primary key for the equipment.  If the primary key for a piece of equipment was 212 it would list 422 and leave the data field blank because no primary number exist with 422. I am not sure if it is a relationship problem or a problem with FMtouch.  Any Ideals?

                Original Relationship

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                  I've never used FMTouch.

                  Field_Report::FieldReportIDfk = Equipment::FieldRepoprtIDfk And
                  Field_Report::EquipIDfk = EquipmentEquipID

                  Doesn't make any sense to me. Why would you put a field report serial number in your equipment record? If there is no matching record for equipment, you will have no information for the company either as the absence of a matching Equipment record eliminates any possible link to company.

                  What puzzles me is that I can see data on your layout that appears to be from equipment. Perhaps it is from Equipment 3?

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                     the Field_reportIDFK like I said, I was trying to find out why the data was missing after syncing in some cases, i figured out that the Field_reportIDfk was a wrong relationship and I went back to the original relationship which works fine except when syncing with FMtouch.

                    Now I want to see if anyone else has the same problem with losing data using FMtouch, assuming my original relationship is correct.  I think it is..

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                      I think you've got the right relationship also. Have you contacted the developers of FMTouch for support?

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                        Yes, Thanks I have a phone support call on friday but they said they believe it was a relationship problem I sent them my database to go over it to see what the problem could be, they said relationship problem.

                        I think it is in the syncing process but I will see what happens after the call.