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Relationship problem or Layout problem?

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 20, 2009
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Relationship problem or Layout problem?


Here is the deal:


3 tables:  





Members is 1 to many into Zipcodes

Visitors is 1 to many into Zipcodes(2)   (2nd Table Occurance)


The City and State of each table are lookups into their respective Zipcode tables and return the respective city and states.   At least that is how it works in the Members table.


The Members table is represented in a TABBED layout.    When I add another tab to that layout for the vistitors table I get IN EVERY FIELD ==>   <UNRELATED TABLE>. And if I try and enter something I get "Operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table."  


Seems like there may be a problem with adding a tab to a table that is NOT related to the Members table. 



I have set up a separate table for Visitors and linked it to ZipCodes(2) and it works.  I also tried to put the Vistiors table on a separate TAB in the Members layout and that only produced problems.   Shouldn't I be able to put an unrelated table on a tabbed layout?:smileysurprised:


Thanks for reading and thinking ....