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Relationship problem with invoice layout

Question asked by grzlyhippo on Jun 16, 2012
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Relationship problem with invoice layout


Hi I'm starting up a new DB for project management and invoicing. Very basic at moment but although I have spent Days on this problem I and have tried various solutions I still cannot solve it... I have a relationship between billing line items TO and invoice TO that doesn't seem to be working.

for example:

1. Line item Billing fields added to the layout invoices (TO Invoices), are recognised as related, yet data is still absent on browsing.

2. Portals on the invoice layout recognise the Billing TO as related and happily set up a portal and fields, yet the fields remain blank.

I have examined the relationships, which I think is where the answer lies. so much so this is where i'm getting confused

I have Ungrouped any fields in the portals

I have examined the billing portal on other related layouts to check my set up and data is visible.

Please help.