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Relationship problem- date match fields

Question asked by BobSchwenkler on Aug 6, 2009
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Relationship problem- date match fields




I'm having an issue getting a couple match fields to work properly and I'm wondering if there's just something simple that I haven't learned about that would keep this from working.


I'm joining a chart of accounts with a line items list and summing debit and credit totals for the accounts. First match field is the account number. Works fine. In this configuration the grand totals for the accounts display.


In the chart of accounts table I've also created global dateStart and dateEnd fields so that I can summarize data from within specified time periods. Match fields on the other side are calculation fields that copy over the date from its parent record. Any sort of additional match that I create using date fields damages this relationship such that no summary is acquired.


Is there any potential issue in relating calculated dates to global date fields? Some other thing I might be missing? Thanks!