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relationship problem? - field data (mostly) not displayed (partial success)

Question asked by yoyojoe on May 8, 2010
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relationship problem? - field data (mostly) not displayed (partial success)


PROBLEM - I'm only getting 2 records displaying 'related' data out of the 240+ available records (I was expecting more than 200 of the records to display related data).


SETUP - I'M using FMP 9 (trial) and have created 2 databases, both populated with various data sets, the data set that is common for them is CountryNames therefore the relationship/link is defined/set between these two fields in their respective databases i.e. there is only one relationship defined between the two databases.


QUESTION - given that I have partial success with my effort then WHAT am I missing here?


BACKGROUND - Mostly I've used FMP 4 but am now looking to 'upgrade'.


Thanks for reading, any suggestions gratefully received.