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Relationship Problems

Question asked by Carol on Dec 11, 2008
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Relationship Problems


I have previously been using a DOS program, Nutplus, for a very basic payroll program.  I had a file for each employee, and then a Pay file that "looked up" information from each of the employee files (there are only two, and used that to calculate Fed & State witholding, SS, MED, and retirement contributions. This has worked well for us for a many of years, but we are, at long last, retiring our DOS machines all together (I know, don't laugh).


We have converted the Nutplus files to Filemaker, and the individual files work just fine.

What does not work, is the process of retrieving the information from the employee files from the Pay file.  From what I have read so far, I think the term "look-up" may be different in Filemaker than it was in Nutplus.  I have tried under "manage Database" to set the relationship, but I am just getting error messages.   The fields that were previously "looked-up" from the linked file now just say "linked field", and the fields that are calculations, say "table".


Perhaps there is another, better, way to relate the information from one file to the other.

Can anyone help?