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    Relationship problems



      Relationship problems


           Hi - 

           I manage an art gallery, and I'm trying to create a database that will allow me to track both our sales and our inventory. I have built two databases - one for clients (or contacts) and one for art (or inventory). I would like to be able to track client purchases within their record, so when we close a sale, we can enter the sale date and inventory number, and the artist's name will automatically populate. I would also like the sale date and contact's name to populate on the inventory page. I set up a relationship between the contact and inventory tables as "inventory # = inventory #", but it doesn't seem to be working. Any help is appreciated - thank you in advance!!



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               Have you looked at the invoicing starter solution that comes with your version of FileMaker? Even if it won't suit your needs right out of the box, it may be possible to adapt it to your needs and even if that doesn't seem to work for you, you can examine the tables and relationships created for ideas in how to structure your database.