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Relationship problems (Dear Marge...)

Question asked by fmchris on Oct 29, 2012
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Relationship problems (Dear Marge...)


     When I upgraded from FMP6 to FMP10, it was largely hassle-free, except for one file which has a related file of pictures for each item. Pictures - being a relatively large file - has always been located in a different folder and FMP10 can never "find" it when I open the main file and I have to browse for it.

     I have just cloned the main file to the same folder as the original. However, FMP still cannot find Pictures. So I decided to fix this once and for all in the relationships graph. Pictures was there (linked), but - unlike the original file - there was no relationship field name beneath it. So I deleted that relationship and started again. I tried to add the Pictures file, but though it is there in the list of tables, the OK button remains dimmed and so I don't seem to be able to add it, and cannot therefore proceed any further.

     The other puzzling thing is that the relationships graph in the clone file shows the central file (i.e. "this file" to which all the relationships are linked) as the original file name, not the clone name. Bear in mind - I only cloned the main file, not the linked tables.

     How do I resolve this problem?