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Relationship Problems!!!! YEH REALLY

Question asked by kennyferg on May 31, 2009
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Relationship Problems!!!! YEH REALLY


I am pretty new to Filemaker and am having a real problem with relationships.


I have created a database which has a number of publications. Each publication has separate adverts linked to it. This all works well. The field "PublicationID#" is defined as unique so and this is where I am linking the 'AdvertID#' to.


The problem appears as follows:


1 of my publications contains the number '2009' within the title - lets call it 'Pub 2009'. As soon as I create a new publication with '2009' in the title (lets call this one 'NewPub 2009'), all the adverts which are linked to the original publication (Pub 2009) automatically appear in the new one (NewPub 2009). It appears that only numbers affect this - I can have two publications containing the same unique words, but they display correctly i.e. the original with the linked adverts works fine and the new publication appears with NO linked adverts - which is how I want it to work.


Can anyone help and is this enough information for anyone to be able to help?