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    Relationship Problems...Real Newbie



      Relationship Problems...Real Newbie


      I am trying to have a field automatically fill when entering data in another field (FM 9 Pro). Problem: I have a single DB (very large) with a single table that contains a field for members and another field for the cooresponding telephone number. The phone numbers are exclusive to each member. I was trying to have the phone number field automatically fill, triggered by the entry of the member name field. I have tried duplicating my table and creating a relationship and I have also tried defining phone field with the lookup function.


      My DB has over 4,000 records and it is getting daunting to constantly lookup the correct phone number every time I enter a members name when duplicating a record or creating a new one.



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          Relationship =

          Main TableName::MemberField to MemberTable::MemberField  // peferable unique number field  in members table


          Phone_Number field is defined as lookup using the the above relationship name and choose the member telephone number

          When you enter a member number in the Main table member field the telephone number auto enters.

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            I'm not sure if that is the answer or I am not familiar with your explanation. I am using the GUI page of relationships. I have not had to type any definition lines. I have a large flat DB (one table) with over thirty fields. The members are engineers names (last, first (employee id)). There is no way I can have a duplicate name problem, thus no numbering system used. A FileMaker rep. showed me how this is done over two years ago, but I have lost my notes and the memory is not as good as it used to be.


            I do remember that he needed to create a table or another DB of just the engineers and their phone numbers in order to accomplish the relationship. I remember him doing it in less than two minutes. I have changed laptops and suspect it got lost in the transfer. 

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              as stated above... in relationships you create an occurrence of the table and join it on name field... it is a pointer to the same table, not duplicate table and data.


              the join on name can be used to auto-enter the phone number in a phone number field, from the second occurrence


              also referred to as a self-join...