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Relationship quandry.  Is there an easier way?

Question asked by synergy46 on May 4, 2009
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Relationship quandry.  Is there an easier way?


Here is the setup:  I am trying to create a stock  and option tracking program.  To that end I have the tables designated below.  On my 'transaction' table, I have the STOCKID.FK which is a POPUP showing the FIELDS  STOCK::StockID.PK and SYMBL.  In the 1st portal is a record of Stock Transactions (StockTrans).  In the lower portal, is a record of the OptionsTransactions (OptionTrans).
The portals seem to work well but the stockID.FK field a) Will not let me make a different selection than the first record???? and b) I would like that field, that when selected, to show just the options pertaining to that particular stock.  For example, if I click AAPL when I navigate to the 2nd portal in the OPTIONID.FK field I would like to see just he options for AAPL and no other stock.   (Yes, OPTIONID.FK is a popup that shows all options regardless of underlying stock)