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Relationship Question

Question asked by jonnyboy on Jun 4, 2009
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Relationship Question


I'm brand new to Filemaker and am trying to figure things out as I go.  I have 3 main table-Groups/Buildings/Work Orders.  My objective is to get the information in Buildings and Groups into the Work Order form.


I've connected the primary key of Group ID from the Group table to the foreign key of Group ID in the Work Order table.

This has allowed me to pull up information from the group table into the Work Order from. 


I connected the primary key of Building ID from the building table to the foreign key of building ID in the work order table.  When I did this there was crow's feet connected to the building table, but on the Work Order table there was like this vertical line on the end of the relationship bar.  I'm not sure why this happened?  I'm guessing that it means there's not a relationship here, but I'm still able to pull up the Building ID information on the Work Order Form.


Here's my main question.  For each Group ID(There are like 50 of them) there are 20 building ID's associated with it.  There  building ID's are the numbers 1-20.  So when I choose a specific Group ID I only want those building ID's associated with it to pull up when I click on the building ID, not all the building ID's that I have stored in the buildings table.


I hope this makes some sense.