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relationship question

Question asked by Kat11_1 on Jan 31, 2012
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relationship question


I am updating a database that was designed to keep track of  clients and their files.

The current file scheme is clients ---< files  wich are related   using the  Client ID field (clients::kp_client ID = files::kf_Client ID)

The problem is that for one type (of about 10 different types of files) there are two clients who share this file number. I've thought about adding a 2nd client field to a file record but than the  the problem becoms tracking information that is client/file specific.

I am thinking I would need to create another file record and give it the same file number, the clients wants that, but than it becomes tricky with statistics, I worry that summary counts would be off.

Any thoughts or suggestions you may have will be as always very much appreciated.