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relationship question

Question asked by brunolalonge on Feb 12, 2012
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relationship question


I would like to create a small DB where I would keep an inventory of personnal items that would contain a location and a category filed on which I would like to be able to do calculation (how many item / category, $$$ / category, how many items/location, $$$/category) and I would also like to be able to drill down from a location down to an item and the same for category.

I already tried to build my DB with 3 tables; Item (containing the item details and a location and category field), one table containing a list of all categories and a table containing a list of all locations.

I've builded a relationship between item::category and category::category and another one between item::location and location::location, I tried to build reports that would show me for category::category all the items related (same for location) but all I have is one item per category that prints.

thanks for any advice