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relationship question

Question asked by AdamReed on Sep 7, 2012
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relationship question


I'm trying to design a layout which shows an author, their book, and then a list of editors the book has been submitted to, with the email addresses of the editors.

I'm working with four tables (for purposes of this question): person, email, book, submission list.  There are two additional instances of the person table: person_author and person_editor.

The table email is related to the person table via "email id" and "person id".

Person_author and person_editor are related to book via linking tables (as both of these are many-to-many relationships).

The table book is related to the submission list table via "book id".

On a layout I would like to list the name of the author, the title of the book, and in a portal on that table the editors (there will be many) included in the submission list along with their email addresses.

I'm currently able to get everything to work except the email addresses, which at present are unrelated to the submission list.  I have been able to get the author's email address to appear with each editor, although that's not particularly helpful.

Thanks for any advice.