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Relationship Question

Question asked by sccardais on Aug 5, 2014
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Relationship Question


     Two tables (Owners and Lots) are related Owners:OwnerID = Lots::CurrentOwnerID. The OwnerID of the Owner who currently owns each Lot is in the CurrentOwnerID field in the Lots table.

     A layout based on Owners to show all the Lots owned by each Owner includes a portal showing Lots that match the relationship. The portal works fine but for some reason this layout is also showing data (blank rows in the portal) for Owners that don't have any matching ID's in the Lots table.

     In other words, it is showing previous owners that no longer have any Lots.

     Shouldn't the relationship between Owners and Lots (Owners::OwnerID) = Lots::CurrentOwnerID filter these out?