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Relationship Question  ::  Do I need a new table?

Question asked by paintboothguy on Jan 26, 2010
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Relationship Question  ::  Do I need a new table?


Hello All, 

I currently have a relationship structure as follows:

Products > Line Items > All Invoices > Contact Management.


The All Invoices layout displays a portal that auto-populates the values from the Line Items table, as well as fields that display client info from the Contact Management table.


Now, I want to have another layout called 'All PO's' that does essentially the same thing as the All Invoices layout, except reports wholesale values instead of retail ones.  I have copied the layout and renamed it, but am stuck with relationship graph....I'm not sure where/how to make the links.


Is this enough information for anyone to help? 





PRO 10 / Mac OS 10