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Relationship Question for any expert

Question asked by ianmoree on Sep 1, 2011
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Relationship Question for any expert


I am throwing a question out there that i just cant seem to figure out no matter how much i read about TOG, TO & ERD's, but here it goes.

i have a simple Invoicing system that has the following:

Customer ->Orders<<LINES>>Products --> @Attributes 


the @Attributes is a table that has many options similar to all my products we offer in our small bakery>

the @ attributes look like this:

cupcakes attributes
 size ( teeny, shots, medium, large)
 flavor (value lists)
 filling(value lists)
 topping ( buttercream, whip topping)
cake attributes
 kitchen notes
 other notes
  come with 1 cake, 24 cupcakes or 48 shots, stand
  cake size = 6in
  cake flavor
  cake filling
  cupcake size (shots or medium)
  stand (white | gold | silver)
  design ( lady suite, edible print , fondant)
pull aparts
 size ( shot, medium)
 style / design
 pa-# (pa-24, pa-36,etc)

*as you can see this is too much potential for repetition data. MY question is how can i design this from the start teh correct way or at least have a "modular system" & not end up with spaghetti mess of information,etc.