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Relationship questions - newbie

Question asked by DougLoader on Aug 4, 2010
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Relationship questions - newbie


Hi All I have 3 tables.  Table 1 - List of users.  Table 2 - List of Equipment.  Table 3 - List of computers I need to create a library, borrowing database.  So my Users (table 1) can borrow  items from either Table 2 or Table 3. So do I need to create another table to house the 'borrowing status' Table 4? I have created a primary key for table 1,2,and3.  I have developed this 4th table as well which so far has 3 foreign keys.  But I'm very confused, as I don't think I have got my Entity Relationship diagram correct. Please, any help would be hugely appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  I have attached a picture to illustrate. Doug