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relationship requiring unstored calculation

Question asked by GeraldRivard on May 24, 2011
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relationship requiring unstored calculation


I'm having a problem with a two-criteria relationship that involves an unstored (and necessary but apparently unstorable) calculation.

Consider this subset of my data structure:
 Table Steps:
   Status (a calculation that relies on Sum(Sessions::Minutes) )
   ToDoFlag (a calculation that will be 1 for certain Status values)
 Table Sessions:
   Minutes (a calculation from start & end times)
 Table Agents:
   ToDoMatch (a calculation that is always 1)

I'm trying to build a relationship where
  Agents::ID = Steps::AgentID
  Agents::ToDoMatch = Steps::ToDoFlag

It doesn't show any records.  If I remove the second criteria it does show records, including ones I don't want.  I think the problem is that the calculation fields that Steps::Status relies on include Sum(Sessions::Minutes), which is unstored.  But I can't change it not to be unstored, I think because it uses Sum. 

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.