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Relationship Rules of Thumb

Question asked by carlz_1 on May 22, 2009
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Relationship Rules of Thumb


Casn someone give me a listing, or rules of thumb to better understand the relationship and layouts?


Say I have a main, parent table called Applicants.  I also have several child tables called Assets, Vehicles, and Income.  EAch of  these has a child key that is linked to the Parent APPLICANT table.


When I create a layout that contains Assets and Vehicles, should the Layout be based on the APPLICANT table or one of the child tables?  


I had a layout based upon the APPLIOCANT table and on it was a calculation field from a child table that would not calculate.  The reason it would not calculate I am not sure but when I looked at the number of records in that child table, it was 0.


I know this is probably basic stuff, but I still have difficulty understanding it. 


Can anyone give me an example or rule of thumb that might explain this a bitt better?


As always, thank you.