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Relationship Selection Question (from an old FP6 developer)

Question asked by CharlesDestrempes on Sep 9, 2012
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Relationship Selection Question (from an old FP6 developer)


     Greetings - it's been a long time since I used FPro and I'm likely to have a project on it soon so I've been experimenting with the trial.  I've searched the forums/online but likely been using out of date keywords for the below (which I used to remember how to do...and somewhat remember...but I'm hoping there's an easier way  :)  ).

     Basic structure below

       Table 1: People

       Table 2: Animal

       Table 3: Adoption

     Table 1 & Table 2 will have the normal name and other info fields as well as a sequence number.  Table 3 is the join between the two tables to show who adopted which animal (and has a date of the adoption). I want the relationship to be based off of the sequence number per usual (e.g. allow duplicate animal names).

     User goes to the adoption table, creates a new record, and "picks" the person and the animal and the sequence numbers are hooked up behind the scenes.

     I vaguely recall having to do some complex scripting which involved layout switching, perform finds, copy (to get the sequence number), paste it back into another hidden layout (via freeze screen), and then switching back to the original Adoption Layout which can now display the related information in a portal.  Is this still the main approach to abstracting away unique identifiers from the end-users or has this simplified over the years?

     Thank you