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Relationship Structure for multi-instance lookups

Question asked by Jakedeg on Nov 20, 2014
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Relationship Structure for multi-instance lookups


My database has a "setup" layout that writes to a "show info" table where I let the user specify "colors" for about 28 unique "frames". Each of these frames has a "color" text field and a "color swatch" field. Every time a user enters a color, I want it to lookup the color swatch from an separate external database of possible colors which I have built. All of these fields in the "Show Info" table are global, and there is really only one record being written to.

Right now, I have it working on a few of the frames as a test, but I am wondering if one of you brilliant, attractive people knows of a better method than the one I am currently using. I have relationships setup so that there is a separate instance of the "show info" table for each "frame". I relate the color field in the Show Info table to the Color field in the external file and I make the swatch field a lookup field. As I said, this is currently working great.

The problem is, if I follow this through for all the frames, I'll need 28 instances of the "show info" table in my relationship graph. This seems big and clumsy and cumbersome. Is it? Is there a better way? Is there a quicker, simpler, more efficient way to implement this sort of multi-instance lookup without needing a new table and new relationship for each version of the field? Or is this normal?

I tried to do some googling (which is how I solve most FileMaker questions) but I wasn't even sure which language to use and what to look for...